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Everything's coming in. See you in the soon. Actually as of Nov 4th everything went out and we have retired. Thank you.









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Apples - Earlgold
Apples - Earlgold
(Golden Delicious X Yellow Transparent) Selah, Washington 1980s. Uniform roundish-conical shape with smooth yellow thin skin. Medium to large size. A new distinct variety. Superb fresh, in salads, pies and outstanding for sauce. Stores longer than other early varieties - up to 2 months under good storage conditions.*
Apples - Paulared
Apples - Paulared
(Seedling of McIntosh and Wealthy) Summer apple with fall-apple qualities. Flavour is tart-sweet, very Mac-like but ripens two to three weeks earlier than McIntosh. Stores up to 3 months under good storage conditions.*
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